Who we are


    PERU WORLD WIDE S.A.C. is a Peruvian growing company specialized on producing, processing, packing and exporting Conventional and Organic Certified White, Red and Black Quinoa, and Amaranth, in forms such as grains, flour, flakes, puffed and extruded.

    The company was founded by Rafael and Fernando Arrarte, two brothers and Industrial Engineers with great experience in agro-industry, industrial projects and international business.
    Excited with the exceptional nutritional qualities and health benefits that Quinoa can bring to humanity we decided in 2008 to launch our own company with the main purpose to bring to the world this noble grain in many forms.

    Our company is located in Arequipa city, the second largest Peruvian city, located at the southern-west part of Peru and at 2,300 meters above sea level.

    One of Arequipa's main advantages is its dry and sunny weather which us very suitable for working with dried food. Arequipa is the main producer of amaranth, cochineal and paprika and has an excellent weather to cultivate the best qualities of quinoa as well. Arequipa is located in the west and beside of Puno, city located at 3,800 m above sea level which has the largest quinoa production of the world. In Puno, and as part of our business strategies, we have developed strong alliances with local farmes in order to obtain the best quality organic quinoa grains.

    As part of our continuing evolution and growth, which is consistent with our long-term view of our business – and our passion, we have made strategic alliances with many Peruvian Farmers Associations located in Arequipa and Puno.

    Under these alliances, our Farmers Association members cultivate the best conventional and organic quinoa in their own fields, for us. Some of the advantages of working under these agreements are that the farmers receive our certified seeds, expert technical advice about the conventional and organic quinoa cultivation process, and finally, farmers receive, from us, a fair price for their quinoa.