• Quinoa Flakes

    Quinoa flakes do require cooking. Yet for those who love quick cereal, cooking time is blissfully short, about 90 seconds. Resembling rolled oats when uncooked, cooked quinoa flakes tend to look like wheat cereal or some compare them to grits. A hot bowl of quinoa flakes will add great nutrition to your morning breakfast, with no cholesterol, no sodium, no gluten, and about 10 % of your daily requirement for dietary fiber.

    Many people have found quinoa flakes a fantastic alternative to dried oats, and use them in place of oatmeal in baking recipes. Oatmeal cookies can easily become quinoa cookies, and some people testify to the more filling nature of this South American grain. You can also use the flakes in place of oatmeal called for in recipes for fruit crisps, or add some to granola for additional nutrition.